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Having adopted the purpose of procuring a high quality workforce and ensuring for this resource to be utilized with ideal efficiency in view of the mission, vision, goals and strategies of our company, the Human Resources Department carries out current and modern human resources practices which are based on success.

The company aims for maximizing employee satisfaction, motivation and loyalty by continuously investing in its personnel and believes that corporate success can only be achieved through well-informed and experienced employees who take pride in their profession.

Our company, which stands out in the rapidly-developing sector of chemistry via this approach, aspires to strengthen its position as “the company of choice” for competent entities with a total quality awareness which have adopted ensuring high quality as a principle.

By virtue of this human resources policy we ensure for our corporate culture and fundamental principles to be embraced by all our employees and for all personnel to keep themselves open to continuous learning and self-development.

The characteristics we base our employment decisions on are,

  • Devotion and diligence,
  • Productivity and ability to work without instructions,
  • Ability to self-manage rather than wait to be managed,
  • Ability to guide rather than manage,
  • Respect for one’s profession and corporation,
  • Ability to take initiative and make decisions,
  • Openness to change and developments,
  • Ability to come up with improvement suggestions and produce solutions as well as criticism,
  • Good time management skills,
  • Respect for other people’s rights,
  • Interest in all information and standards related to one’s job at a global level,
  • Adoption of a total quality culture and ability to prioritize unlimited quality in service, as well as satisfaction for both domestic and foreign customers,
  •  Good grasp of both English and Turkish with high-level communication skills,
  •  Ability to transform each dream into a goal and each goal into a project.