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Our Quality Policy

BETA KİMYA has adopted the aim of manufacturing adhesives for the sectors of furniture, construction and textile by prioritizing quality and durability and taking into consideration the needs of customers.

Our vision is to become a leading, reliable and exemplary company at both national and international level while maintaining stability in product quality and service mentality by combining modern production systems, information and a qualified workforce, basing operations unconditionally on customer satisfaction, providing value for the environment and society with a strong awareness for social responsibility and growing continuously by heading towards the same goal as our national and international customers, as well as our suppliers.

BETA KİMYA strives for ensuring continuous customer satisfaction by using high quality raw materials in production and meeting customer needs at an ideal level in respect to quality, cost, time and quantity while conforming to standards.

BETA KİMYA has adopted an approach to business which involves performing production through cooperation with its employees, customers and suppliers, ensuring protection of the environment during and after manufacturing processes, maintaining high product quality and conforming to all occupational health and safety requirements.

BETA KİMYA is committed to increase training activities for all employees, provide ceaseless support to all workers and encourage them for improvement by ensuring their participation in quality enhancement and development operations.

Our Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Our corporation, which operates in the field of adhesives and filling materials for the industries of furniture, construction, paper, packaging and textile, is determined in continuing to voluntarily and conscientiously implement the requirements of an Environmental Management System and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Our fundamental goals are,

To continue our operations through environmentally-friendly procedures, ensure for all our employees to maintain their health during the time they spend in the workplace through corporate and personnel controls and in this context, ceaselessly improve all our health, safety and environment measures,

Reduce waste production and support recycling, as well as recovery, to prevent environmental pollution and harm to human health,

Use energy correctly and efficiently while reducing the consumption of natural resources,

Continue our activities for environmental protection and occupational safety under the relevant regulations with the latest data and participation from all our employees, as well as raising awareness for environmental protection and occupational safety in our employees and suppliers through information and training operations within this context,

And, as an indication of our efforts for ensuring environmental protection, occupational health and occupational safety, to determine risks that may lead to environmental harm, occupational accidents and occupational illnesses, take precautions against these risks in order to minimize them to an acceptable level and achieve the goal of ZERO accidents in the workplace.

We are committed to carry out production and investment procedures in healthy and safe workplaces without polluting the environment, improve the established system continuously, reduce risks even further by achieving new goals and targets, and comply with all relevant regulations on environmental protection, occupational health and occupational safety.