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While we are working hard on our targets and investments to be a Turkish chemical company on an international level, we try to add meaning and value to everything we touch, such as children of our world, economy, our world, society and environment. When we had first extablished the business in 1987 with love and excitement we served to our countries needs' and local region's; now with the same ambition we try to fulfill our responsibilities to our world. And move towards this ambition.

While we try to make investments that makes our employees, partners, dealers and the ones who love us; we care much about the social responsibility projects that can add value to the society we all live in.

Additionally, BETA Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş. would love to announce that the company serves and embraces all humanity indiscriminately, no matter their faith, language, races etc. are.

Our Social Responsiblitity Activities